About Me

Not much to say. I enjoy books, video games, the Internet, family, good friends, loneliness, movies (stupid and high-brow together), music (classical, rock) and sports. This is not in axiological order.

I am trying to do a PhD on Pynchon and media. I need very little money and I have even less. My family supports me and I am grateful. Let’s just hope I will be able to stand on my own feet soon. No, that’s a lie. My true wish (which will never be fulfilled, but I make it anyway) is to go back to elementary school, as smart or as dumb as I am now, only happily unaware. So, it’s not a lie. When a wish cannot come true, you settle for the next best thing; and that is standing on my own feet…I just need to finish my PhD first.

I teach English to make some money. Surprising isn’t it? My patience is tested every day and I prevail. I love even the most restless kids.

I just started a blog. I can see it occupying a significant part of my time or being lost in oblivion. Oblivion is also a video game, a great one.

I make weird connections, I observe stuff other people don’t, yet at other times I am completely naive.

This is a blog about media, books and (occasionally) art.

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