Posted by: Yorgos | September 13, 2009

Text 37 – The Sun is the Same, in a Relative Way, but You’re Older, or, How Pink Floyd Wrote The Dark Side of the Moon

After a long absence, during which a lot of things happened, things that made writing on a blog seem futile and trivial, I decided to come back to it, still with the intention of writing about media, books and art, but this time with a more personal touch to it.

This first post is about how, in my imagination only, the band called Pink Floyd wrote Time from A Dark Side of the Moon. This is a fictional piece, not in any way related to the actual Pink Floyd or the lyricist himself, who, Internet tells me, is Roger Waters (apparently – who else, right?). I came up with it, because the lyric “in a relative way” strikes me simultaneously as both odd and apt. It’s awkward, yet accurate.

If you decide to read this, please don’t try to imagine the actual Pink Floyd in this conversation. Imagine them as generic, Hollywood-movie rock stars. Why? Because it’s funnier this way. Oh, and if you think the following piece is not funny at all, then I am sorry. And another thing: The thicker the English accents, the better!

Here it goes:

The Sun is the Same, in a Relative Way, but You’re Older, or, How Pink Floyd Wrote The Dark Side of the Moon

Floyd 1: …so, after the bridge, you sing: The sun is the same, it burns with its flame, but you’re older, shorter of breath, a mo…

Floyd 2 (interrupting): “It burns with its flame”? Really?

Floyd 1: Why, what’s wrong with it?

Floyd 3: It’s ghastly, that’s what’s wrong with it.

Floyd 1: Come on, dude. It’s accurate, it rhymes.

Floyd 2: It rhymes? Since when do we rhyme?

Floyd 4 (drunk…or stoned): And since when are we accurate?

Floyd 3 (ignoring Floyd 4): Well, we do rhyme…sometimes…not very fanatically though.

Floyd 2: Granted; but it’s still a ghastly lyric.

Floyd 1 (annoyed): You said so already.

Floyd 2: I didn’t. He did (pointing to Floyd 3).

Floyd 1: But you just did.

Floyd 2: Then you shouldn’t have used “already” in your sentence.

Floyd 3: And what’s with the “but”?

Floyd 1: Whose butt?

Floyd 3: Bit of juvenile humor there, huh? I am talking about the “but” in the “but you’re older” line.

Floyd 1: What about it?

Floyd 3: Well, it implies that there’s a direct opposition between the fact that the sun is hot and you getting all wrinkly and shit.

Floyd 4: You do get more wrinkles if you stay in the sun all the time…

Floyd 3: Yes, but that indicates a causality not an antithesis. Instead of “but”, you should have used “so” or “therefore”.

Floyd 1: “But” goes to the first lyric anyway…Besides those don’t sound very good.

Floyd 2 (yelling): Neither “it burns with its flame” does.

Floyd 1 (also yelling): Why, what’s wrong with it?

Floyd 4: Deja vu, man.

Floyd 2 (ignoring Floyd 4 again): Listen, and please don’t get offended. I believe that this is the ugliest lyric you’ve ever written and it totally ruins the whole song. It cries that it was put there to fill a gap between the stability of the sun and the futility of life.

Floyd 1: Shit, man. And what do you want me to put in there?

(Floyd 1, 2 and 3 look at each other with puzzlement.)

Floyd 4 (still drunk…or stoned): You know…the sun isn’t always the same, right?………….I mean, yeah, it has billions of years ahead of him, but it will die out……………Sure our lives are like seconds to it……………….but it’s all relative, right? I mean, it has billions of years ahead of him, but it will…well…you know.

Floyd 1: So, what are you saying?

Floyd 4: I don’t know, man…………The sun is changing, that’s what I am saying. You can’t say that it’s the same, if it’s changing……..Well, you can, I am sure…………”The sun is the same”……..there I said it………..but the sun is the same in a relative way, you know?

(Floyd 1, 2 and 3 look at each other with amazement.)

Floyd 2 (to Floyd 3): Don’t say “are you thinking what I’m thinking”, please don’t.

Floyd 3: I don’t have to, you said it first.

Floyd 1: And that’s not an awkward lyric? “In a relative way”?

Floyd 2: But it’s fun-awkward. Not bad poetry-awkward.

Floyd 3: And it fits. In the grand scheme of things the sun does change, but in relation to our lives, it doesn’t. It’s accurate.

Floyd 4: And since when are we accurate?


There you have it. The few jokes in there are probably from bad sitcoms, but I had fun writing it. Comment on it if you want.


  1. Very funny indeed! And I am by no means intimately acquainted with the song.

    Welcome back, mate.

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