Posted by: Yorgos | September 28, 2008

Text 28 – Don’t Talk About Ecology

Nowadays, it’s fashionable for the big corporations to show off how environmentally aware they are, how “green” they have become. We all know that this is simply bullshit, but sometimes it’s just so obvious that it is.

Personally, I am not really “green”. I try to recycle a bit, but don’t get crazy if something recyclable gets thrown out. I turn off lights (but not my PC), try to remember to turn off the TV with the button, so it’s not on stand-by, try not to use too much water when I shower and that’s all.

What do the corporations do? They have little schemes to show how green they are, while on the other hand they fill the streets with power consuming neon signs and keep the lights on at their offices all the time. I am not even talking about production techniques; one way or another they have to manufacture their products, so this is unavoidable. But what about all this needless advertising, this needless spectacle, while they hypocritically claim to care about the environment? I know the streets of New York only from cinema and television, but tell me, is it really necessary to keep all the lights on all the time? It’s advertising. It is supposed to give you an edge over the competitor. If nobody does it, then the proportions stay the same…and you save money!

Anyway, this has been on my mind for a long time. We are talking about saving energy and yet what we save, we use somewhere else. There is a limit to what individuals can do and I have more faith in them and patience with them. But all those supposedly “aware” corporations are the ones who can really make a difference.

How many cities could get electricity, how many trees had to be cut in order to have the first F1 Grand Prix during nighttime? I read somewhere that there are several thousands 2000W spotlights giving light to the fans and drivers. And everyone says it looks amazing. Yes, it does, but at what cost. And if it just one race, not very important in the big picture, what kind of example does it give?

This post came from frustration. It is not entirely related to the theme of this blog and, really, I shouldn’t be talking since I am not the most concerned person out there. But maybe I’ll change; and help others change as well, in the process.


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